Angers 23.10.2016

Charming architecture, refined cuisine, renowned vineyards, festivals and monuments, superb parks and gardens... there are plenty of things to see and do in Angers, Loire valley area of France.

The old part of the town is mainly pedestrianised and many of the sites of interest are near each other, so it is to walk round the city centre of Angers to visit the main tourist and cultural highlights.
Angers' château is a focal point from which you can admire the magnificent view of the Maine River. This imposing fortress, flanked by 17 towers, conceals a magnificent castle and gardens. The château is famous for its 14th century religious artwork, in particular the ‘Tapestry of the Apocalypse ’ which stretches an impressive 103 metres. The Collegiate Church of Saint-Martin , the oldest church in Angers, is also worth a visit, especially to see the restoration which took over 20 years to finish.

There are other places of interest to add to your itinerary: the Beaux-Arts Museum housing paintings from some of France’s most popular classical artists; the Jean Lurçat and Cointreau museums; the Galerie David Angers showing the renowned local artist’s sculptures, Le Quai, a theatre in a contemporary building reflecting Angers’ rich and diverse culture; the Musée du Génie which has an exhibition space devoted to historical discovery of military engineering seen in relation to history, science, technology and art; and don’t miss the ‘Maison d’Adam’, a stylish timber framed house adorned with carvings. 

Angers Loire Valley is also a wine destination, the city is surrounded by vineyards. Visit the Maison des vins d'Anjou-Saumur before setting off on the wine route around the area.


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