Nantes 21.10.2016

Nantes is the capital of north-western region of the Pays de la Loire, just south of Brittany. The city of Nantes is on the Loire River. It is rated as being one of France's best places to live.


The city of Nantes has a prestigious maritime and river history. You can explore the homes of 18th century ship owners on the old Ile Feydeau and its port. The 15th century cathedral Saint-Pierre-et-Saint Paul de Nantes is one of the must-see sites. The château of the Dukes of Brittany , which served as both a residential palace and defensive fortress, has imposing granite towers and towering frontage. The castle now houses the museum of the history of Nantes.

The city centre is pedestrianised and has plenty of shops, especially along the smart rue Crébillon. The medieval Bouffay quarter is animated by day and night, there are lots of restaurants down its narrow streets.

One of the main attractions in Nantes is the Machines de l'Ile  workshop on the Isle of Nantes, where you'll find the Giant Elephant and the giant carousel inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and Jules Verne. The Island is a lively, contemporary cultural centre wihere many events take place. At the tip of the ‘île’ of Nantes, you’ll find the ‘Hanger à Bananes’, a converted banana warehouse with café and restaurant terraces, and exhibitions. 

Other attractions to visit in Nantes are : the Tour de Bretagne, a skyscraper with a rooftop bar and a panoramic terrace, the Jardin des plantes, the Jules Verne museum

Follow the 10-mile green line painted on the ground: it will take you around the city centre passing the Nantes' best cultural places, monuments and must-see sites. Every Summer, contemporary art installations and furniture are added along the trail for Le Voyage à Nantes  event.

There is also an artistic trail to see the giant art installations spread around the Nantes-Saint-Nazaire estuary .


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