Escal'Atlantic 22.07.2013

There’s a hidden treasure in Saint Nazaire. You would never find it if no one told you about it and it’s fantastic! The Escal’ Atlantic is a amazing and unique interactive experience for adults and kids alike.

The approach to this nautical adventure is intimidating. You approach the site through an industrial landscape and arrive at a menacing giant concrete bunker! There is a hint of what’s to come from the gantry leading up to a hole in the wall. It takes some courage to enter, but be brave – you won’t be disappointed! As you step over the threshold you are transported back in time and immersed in another world. The Escal’ Atlantic feels like a real ship: it’s a recreation of the world of ocean liners from the 1860’s to the last great French liner, France (1962).

When I visited, I lost touch with reality moving from one decade or century to another. There were the rough and ready conditions of the first immigrants going to the promised land of America; the funky 60’s cabin where an evening with friends consisted of sitting in front of the latest ‘gadget’, the TV; I could even go out on deck, feel the breeze in my hair and watch the wake in the moonlight.

Throughout you are invited to interact with the environment. State-of-the-art interactivity, audiovisual displays and hands-on activities put you at the helm. On the bridge take control and operate the engine telegraph. In the dining room discover the secrets of French cuisine hidden under 'cloches'. Are you suited to running a shipping company? Give it a try!

You’ll have to experience it to believe it! If you visit the Loire Atlantique next year make sure the Escal’ Atlantic is at the top of your visit list. Prepare to be ‘wowed’!

For information: Escal’ Atlantic

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Take at least a day for your visit as there is lots more to see! You can visit the submarine ‘L’Espadon’, the heritage Ecomusée, take a tour of the shipyards and take a cruise or, of course, go shopping at the upmarket, ‘Blue Riband’. You’ll be spoilt for choice!


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