Clisson 06.03.2013

Le Château de Clisson © D.Drouet
Le Parc de la Garenne Lemot © Ph.Caharel
Le Château de Clisson © L. Moris/ Mook Publication
Dégustation de huìtres et Muscadet © B. Rivière
Clisson et les bords de la Sèvre Nantaise © B. Rivière/OT Vallée de Clisson
La Sèvre Nantaise à Clisson © D. Drouet

Clisson is a pretty town just 30 minutes to the south-east of Nantes at the conflux of 2 rivers: the Sèvre Nantaise and the Moine. At the crossroads of the Loire-Atlantique, Vendée and Anjou, it’s the perfect place to visit if you love heritage, wine tasting and messing about on the river.

It’s a touch of Tuscany in Pays de la Loire: Clisson has been shaped by three great French artists who helped reconstruct Clisson on their return from Italy (after the Vendéen war). The Cacault brothers Pierre and François and François-Frédéric Lemot introduced Italian-style architecture into the valley. The villas, gardens, rustic homes, churches, temples, ancient statues and other follies are reminiscent of Tuscan and Roman landscapes.

The Garenne Lemot Park was created by the sculptor Lemot and is a testament to times gone by with 2 Italianate buildings surrounded by 26 acres of gardens and parkland.
A heritage of water mills and paper production bear witness to an industrial past, resulting in a remarkable cluster of water mills, many in an Italianate style, decorating the river banks.

If you prefer vineyards to architecture, there are plenty of opportunities for wine tasting. Wine growers have an open door policy and are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you. The Sèvre et Maine Muscadet wine in the Clisson Valley takes it’s name from two rivers flowing across the vineyard.

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Sam’s Scoop:

Just when you think you have discovered all there is to know about Clisson, here comes the surprise! In mid June, ‘Hellfest’, the biggest event in France for Metal music fans arrives. For 3 days, more than 150 international bands and all their fans descend on the Valley of Clisson. You won’t believe your ears!! Hellfest

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