The Bridge, major event in 2017 27.03.2017

A major challenge will take place on 25th June 2017! For the first time ever, the famous Queen Mary 2 cruise liner, born in Saint-Nazaire will race against a fleet of multhull boats across the Atlantic Ocean. They will depart from under Saint-Nazaire Bridge to arrive in New York, under Verrazano Bridge.

The festivities will go on for a month, celebrating 100 years of fraternal and cultural relations with the USA. The events will involve jazz and basketball, Tony Parker will be guest of honnor, symbolising the North American influences and they shall take place in Saint-Nazaire and Nantes .


The Bridge event



Program in Nantes:

  • Thursday 15th June: Arrival of the maxi-multihulls
  • Friday 17th to Wednesday 21st June: 4th 3X3 World Cup of FIBA
  • Tuesday 21st June: Music festival
  • Thursday 22nd June: Trimaran parade on the Loire


Program in Saint-Nazaire:

  • Thursday 22nd June: Arrival of the maxi-trimarans in the Port of Saint-Nazaire – Opening of the village events
  • Friday 23rd June: Arrival of the military ships from the Atlantic coast
  • Saturday 24th June: Village events – Arrival of the Queen Mary 2 in to Saint-Nazaire port. Concerts and sound and light show.
  • Sunday 25th June: Departure the race: 'THE BRIDGE'


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