The Puy du Fou's 40th anniversary 26.02.2017

© Michael Taylor

In 2017, the Puy du Fou will celebrate its 40th anniversary with 4 new creations!
The Puy du Fou doesn't have rides, but spectacular history shows. Thousands of actors and animals recreate high drama, from Roman gladiators to King Arthur, with special effects. It has already been awarded best theme park in the world.

One of the new creations in 2017 will be the musical show "Le Grand Carillon". 70 bells will play famous pieces of music in the 18th century village. You will be able to spend a night under the protection of the Puy du Fou knights at the new hotel "La Citadelle" . There will also be a new restaurant: "L'Ecuyer Tranchant" .

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