Top events in 2017 30.05.2017

Different kinds of events take place all year round in the Pays de la Loire. Have a look at our selection of top events in 2017 in the Pays de la Loire:

- The Bridge race in the Loire-Atlantique - 16th June to 1st July 2017
A race between the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship and sailing boats from France to the USA. The transatlantic race will leave Saint-Nazaire bridge and end at the Verrazano bridge in New York.
The Bridge event is to celebrate 100 years of fraternal and cultural relations with the USA, since the first American soldiers arrived during the First World War. Lots of festive events are to take place in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire for the occasion. 

La Nuit des Chimères in Le Mans, Sarthe - 1st July to 2nd September 2017
Every Summer the town centre of Le Mans lightens up with a spectacular sound and light show.

 - Les Grandes Tablées du Saumur Champigny, Anjou - 2nd and 3rd August 2017
Two evening events, alongside the Loire in Saumur, celebrating Champigny wines: wine tasting and regional produce sampling in a convivial setting with live music.

- Classic sailing boat regatta in Noirmoutier, Vendée - 8th to 10th August 2017
Every year one of the biggest classic sailing boat meetings on the Atlantic coast takes place on the Plage des Dames, in Bois de la Chaise on the Island of Noimoutier.

- Trois Glorieuses horse race in Craon, Mayenne - 2nd to 4th September 2017
Every Autumn in the heart of the Mayenne, a traditional horse breeding area, a grand 3-day horse racing event takes place.


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