Oyster route 12.03.2017

On the Atlantic coast, 13,000 tonnes of oysters are produced each year, in seven main farming areas.

You will discover how oysters grow and develop, and what makes the 'Huître Vendée Atlantique ' so unique, and you will also learn about the different types and sizes.

Meet the oyster producers, visit the oyster beds and taste the local produce:

- Loïc Couetoux in La Bernerie-en-Retz,
- "Chez Tetelle" in Les Moutiers-en-Retz,
- "Fleurs des Flots" in Bouin,
- Jean-Louis Lheriau in Beauvoir sur Mer,
- David Lecossois in Barre de Monts,
- Ostreanie in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire,
- Grégory Gaudin in L'Aiguillon-sur-Mer.

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