Guérande 15.01.2017

Guérande is a beautiful medieval town, near Nantes in the Loire-Atlantique surrounded by wonderful landscapes created by the salt marshes. At 1,343 metres long, the fortified town wall is one of the best preserved in France.

The town centre of Guérande is within the fortified wall, you enter through the gates. The town is a contrast of perfectly preserved architecture, impressive churches, fortifications, trendy little boutiques, art galleries, local crafts shops, restaurants and cafés. At the Musée du Pays de Guérande you learn about traditional furniture, costumes and art.

Other places to visit in and near Guérande are the 15th century 'Moulin du Diable', the Château de Careil, featuring architecture across 4 centuries from Medieval to Renaissance times, and salt marshes, Marais Salants surrounding the town.

The town of Guérande is recognised as one of the 'Best Detours of France'

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