Marais Poitevin: ‘Green Venice’ 12.06.2016

© Michael Taylor
© Michael Taylor
© Michael Taylor
© Michael Taylor
© Michael Taylor
© Michael Taylor

The Marais Poitevin in Southern Vendée is a place unlike any other. It is hard to believe that the ‘canals’ in this marshland are man-made as they form a seemingly random maze of waterways snaking though the landscape.

There are many ways to enjoy this area, but perhaps the simplest and most relaxing is by flat-bottomed boat. An experienced navigator punts you through a natural umbrella of trees  filtering the sunlight, creating pools of light and shade on the water and revealing birds and wildlife sheltering on the banks. He shares stories of the history of the monks who created this marshland marvel as you pass by the impressive ruins of the Abbey of Maillezais.

There are approximately landing stages located in pretty villages on this 92,500 acres of wetland with about 600kms of navigable channels. The journey is so soporific that even the most hyperactive of us are in danger of dozing off…

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