Lakes 10.07.2016

There are some fantastic lakes, which are definitely worth a visit in the Pays de la Loire.


Chill-out on the beach or just splash around, at the lake des Varennes at Marçon. It also offers lots of leisure activities, such as mini-golf, pedaloes, tennis, sailing, rock climbing and archery. 

There are a similar number of activities, including fishing at the Lac de Haute-Mayenne, just north of the town of Mayenne.

You can try windsurfing at the leisure lake at Mazerolles, near Nantes.

At the Lac du Maine , as well as water sports you can visit ‘la Maison de l'Environnement’ and learn more about recycling and biodiversity. There are an amazing number of birds – some 235 species to look out for.

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