Rivers in Pays de la Loire 21.10.2016

The Sarthe River at Beaumont-sur-Sarthe © G.Durand
The Loir River at La Flèche © A.S Flament
The Sarthe River © A.S Flament
The Loir River at Luché-Pringé© Mairie de Luché-Pringé
Nort-sur-Erdre © Ph.Caharel
The Mayenne River at Château-Gontier © J.D Billaud/Nautilus
The Mayenne River © J.D Billaud/Nautilus
The Mayenne River at Ménil © J.D Billaud/Nautilus
The Sarthe River and the Solesmes Abbey © Vallée de la Sarthe-CEMJIKA
The Sèvre Nantaise Valley at Clisson © D. Drouet
The Erdre river © V.Joncheray
Sucé-sur-Erdre © Ph.Caharel

The famous Loire and several other rivers cross the Pays de la Loire. 

 The Mayenne, the Sarthe, the Erdre... in Pays de la Loire, there’s always a river along your way. They provide many opportunities to enjoy the water.

Nantes is an estuary port and the link between the Atlantic and the Loire tributaries. Trentemoult and Couëron are the last two maritime ports you meet as you travel upstream, as well as the first bases on a magnificent river run: floating moorings and new and original stopovers are situated in the centre of the city. By boat, you reach the port on the Erdre in the heart of Nantes through a tunnel and continue along the Nantes to Brest Canal.

From the winding and wooded banks of the Erdre, you can gaze upon elegant châteaux and these magnificent waterways feature charming villages on all sides. You can take a boat excursion or an electric boat for a ride down the river in Nantes, Sucé-sur-Erdre or Nort-sur-Erdre.

The Sèvre Nantaise cuts a luxuriantly green swath through the landscape. Its valley marks the border between the Vendée , Anjou and Poitou regions. The fields framed by hedgerows and deep valleys are lush havens for hikers, mountain bikers and canoers.

The Sarthe river rises in the Alpes Mancelles in the north and continues through to the Anjou in the south. It flows through a myriad of landscapes, including steep hills covered with Alpine plant life, hedgerows, dense forests and past many peaceful country villages. Things not to miss are the Solesmes Abbey, famous for its Gregorian chants; Sablé-sur-Sarthe dominated by its château; Malicorne-sur-Sarthe, a delightful town renowned for its lovely earthenware and the Maison de la Rivière (river museum) in Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe.
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Bordered by pretty little villages, the Mayenne is one of the prettiest navigable waterways in Western France. Wilder in the north, with steep, verdant banks, it becomes gentler after Laval . Its restored towpath between Mayenne and Daon, is a real treat for walkers. Near Angers , the Basses Vallées Angevines (Lower Angers Valleys) offer many hiking trails, with a great diversity of flora and fauna and beautiful landscapes.
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Between Maine and Anjou, the Loir (not to be confused with La Loire) runs through picturesque countryside perfect for cycling. Valleys, wooded hillsides and vineyards co-exist in peaceful harmony. The region enjoys a particularly rich and varied architectural heritage. There are many pretty villages to visit, such as Vaas, Le Grand-Lucé and Luché-Pringé.
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