Château of Saumur 09.10.2016

Saumur's Fairytale Château rises proudly from a rocky outcrop high above the river.

The château has been keeping guard over the town since the 11th Century when it was built as a fortress. The original building lacked a lot of its present day detail. It was destroyed in 1067 and then rebuilt by the Plantagenet Kings in the 1300s when many features were added, including the octagonal towers. Later, the château became a bastion for the Huguenots, a military barracks and then a prison. It is now a museum. 

You can enjoy the richness of its exterior by exploring the courtyard, gardens and enjoying views over the Loire. The galleries present the history of the site and include items carved in the fourteenth century. You can also see one of the best collections of equestrian exhibits.

In Summer, you can travel back in time to the days of kings René through a selection of animations and daily shows, with jousting and equestrian events during the day and magical light shows in the evening. 

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