Saint-Nazaire and its beaches 27.03.2017

At the mouth of the Loire, Saint-Nazaire has long been renowned for its shipyards, but also has the most amazing beaches!

Take the bridge to get there. From this elegantly curved structure, you will benefit from a panoramic view of the estuary, the city, the shipyards and the open sea. Once you arrive, be sure to take a ‘world tour’ on board the Escal’Atlantic ‘ocean liner’ and re-live the glorious era of these great vessels. Get a close-up view of the ocean depths in the ‘Espadon’ submarine. Saint-Nazaire’s industrial heritage warrants a visit and in recent years ‘industrial tourism’ has flourished allowing visitors to watch these ‘giants of the sea’ under construction. Attractions include the shipyard and the cruise ships under construction, Airbus featuring a spectacular close-up of the A380 jumbo jet and the Port Authority terminals at the crossroads of a global network of shipping lines. These flagships of the region’s industrial base, like other regional enterprises are all part of the ‘Visitez nos entreprises en Pays de la Loire’ network.

Saint Nazaire is a surprise! Far from being an industrial outpost, Saint Nazaire is a great destination for those who love the beach but don’t want to be far from the action. The city is buzzing, year round, with a choice of shops, bars, hotels and restaurants, and some of the best beaches are just steps away. Rebuilt after World war II, the urban landscape is contemporary with several buildings listed as ‘20th Century Heritage’. Vestiges of the past still remain and you can find some elegant villas from as early as the 1880s - testament to the history of this dynamic city.

The local coastline is dotted with 20 small beaches, protected by rocky promontories. If you feel energetic, take a bracing cliff top walk known as the ‘Custom Officers’Path’ or, to the more romantic, the ‘Smugglers’ Path’. The views are breathtaking: to one side is the sea and to the other the occasional bunker, serving as a reminder of the harsh 20th century history of the city.

Saint Nazaire is a great holiday destination for families; you can surf, stroll or just soak-up the sun. It’s safe and accessible: there are lifeguards on the main beaches and special equipment is available for those with disabilities. Don’t forget to visit M. Hulot’s beach in Saint-Marc-sur-mer, where Jack Tati is immortalised with a statue over looking the location. It’s here that he shot the film ‘Monsieut Hulot’ who visited for his holidays in the early 1950’s. 


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