The Cadre Noir and the National Riding School of Saumur 31.07.2016

From passionate participants to pleasure seekers, the Cadre Noir offers unique events for all!

The most prestigious stop on your equestrian tour must be the famous École Nationale d’Équitation (French National Riding School) and its famed Cadre Noir located in Saumur . The spectacular horse shows set an international standard for the equestrian arts and are without equal. You can visit the 300 hectares, 50km of bridle paths, 16 outdoor arenas, 7 indoor arenas and meet the 400 horses. This is the perfect opportunity to watch the riders and their mounts in training and rehearsals.

Le Cadre Noir is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO since 2011. The Cadre Noir was created in the reign of Louis XV. Now, the National Riding School, this national institution has a worldwide reputation for its galas in France and abroad. The aim of the school is training in the art of French horsemanship, competition and research. The stables, the grand ring and the armouries, the largest in Europe, are open to visitors. Riding enthusiasts can also attend events including dressage and practice sessions. The Museum of Cavalry offers an extensive collection of weapons, costumes and documents.

There are public presentations of the Cadre Noir in April, May, June, July, August, September and October, the Horsemen of Spring in May, the Summer festivals in July, and the musicals in October.


> Le Cadre Noir, Saumur

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