Fontevraud Abbey Hotel 17.09.2016

The refurbished Fontevraud hotel and restaurant is set in magnificent surroundings of unparalleled beauty and cultural heritage. The hotel is an integrated part of the largest monastic site in Europe and lies alongside the impressive Royal Abbey.

As you enter, you immediately feel the calm and are enveloped in the cocoon-like aura. Although contemporary, the décor and furnishings echo the soft colours of nature with wood, stone and earth colours. 

The restaurant focuses on use of produce grown in the local area. The bar has transformed the former chapel into a fresh, funky space and the staff are attentive, welcoming and happy to share the history of the site.

Whether you are religious or not, you cannot fail to be overcome with awe at the scale and spectacle of the Abbey just steps away from your accommodation. Towering columns reach to the skies in a vast illuminated space which dates from the 12th century and houses the tombs of Richard the Lionheart and Eleanor of Aquitaine. It is a privilege to share in the centuries of history that you feel beneath your feet.

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