Saumur’s Troglodyte caves 30.04.2017

All around Saumur are limestone cliffs that have been quarried for centuries to provide the creamy-white stone for the world-famous chateaux and manor houses.

The resulting tunnels and caves have been put to practical use, creating plain houses, artistically sculpted caves and even restaurants and B&Bs! And miles and miles of tunnels are used to store and mature wine, as well as to produce tons of mushrooms. Drive along the Loire between Saumur and Montsoreau or along the River Thouet and you see troglodyte houses with windows, doors and stairs built against the cliffs and even into the cliffs. Away from the river, the quarries have been transformed into troglodyte villages. The most complete and most interesting are near Doué-la-Fontaine and Louresse-Rochemenier.

Did you know that:
- Saumur produces 54% of France’s mushrooms.
- Troglodyte restaurants usually serve fouée, medieval-style bread.
- Saumur is known for its best-selling sparkling wines, matured in the limestone caves. The winemakers offer tours and wine tasting.


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