Pornic and the ‘Jade’ coast 30.07.2016

An invigorating walk along the Côte de Jade

Pornic, known as the 'Jewel' of the Côte de Jade is a hidden treasure. Less well-known than the chic resort of La Baule , it is completely captivating. It’s not surprising that this pretty little fishing port, perched on a rock, attracts so many admirers with its beaches and inlets, wharfs and boats, picturesque lanes, covered market, casino 18-hole golf course and much more! It was a fashionable seaside resort in the 19th century and you can see why. The town is full of life from dawn to dusk! Be sure to walk along the coastline, following the winding old customs trail. Take in all the charming creeks and wild beaches from which you’ll enjoy an extraordinary view of the coast and the town.

Fishing huts on Plage de la Boutinardière remind you of the heritage of the town. The marina is mesmerising as you listen to the clink of lanyards. You can learn the basics of sailing, windsurfing and kayaking and rowing or, if you are feeling less energetic, just watch from a nearby bar.Take a deep breath and look around: you’re in the heart of the Côte de Jade, named for the unique colour of its ‘magical’ water.

You can visit local craftsmen like the cheese makers at 'le Curé Nantais' and the brewery 'La Brasserie de la Côté de Jade'. If you like strawberries, a visit to La Fraiseraie is a must. The strawberries are grown here and made into ice cream, sorbets, syrups, liqueurs and more - a feast of 'fraises'!

Visit Saint-Brevin-les-Pins for beach activities and water sports where you will find vast expanses of hard sand ideal for sailing, kite-surfing, sand-yachting and speed-sailing enthusiasts! If you’re wild about nature and looking for peace and quiet, head for Pierre Attelée forest, the only dune forest in the Loire-Atlantique .
Pine trees, green oaks and mimosas grace the beach, and the Pays de la Loire coastline has a wide variety of landscapes - the perfect holiday destination for those who want to 'get away from it all'!

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