Terra Botanica 13.04.2017

Terra Botanica is the first plant-themed amusement park in France.

Its location is appropriate as the Loire Valley is known as the ‘Garden of France’ and produces an abundance of fruit and vegetables for the local market and export. This is one of the first ‘edutainment’ theme parks. The universe of ‘Sought-after plants’ takes you back to the 18th Century where you can ‘discover’ exotic plants from far away countries. As you breathe in, the air is filled with a heady mix of spices and exotic scents

Then, as if you have been transported in a time machine, you will find yourself travelling down a river on the ‘Botanical Odyssey’, exploring the roles that medicinal plants, vines and flowers play in our daily lives. In the plant theatre where you will learn about the history of the tulip, the rose and the hydrangea surrounded by authentic aromas and scents.

The ‘Mysterious Plants’ area is a real scientific laboratory where you will discover the hidden side of plants, their history and their mysteries. You will learn about photosynthesis and exactly what DNA is. ‘Journey to the Centre of the Plant’ is a thrilling 4D adventure where you can follow a drop of water as it travels from the roots up to the leaves of a tree. You need to buckle-up as you are taken for a ride with unexpected drops and strange creatures appearing out of nowhere. If you want a birds eye view you can follow the ‘Treetop Trail’ and make your way overhead in pedal driven ‘nutshells’

To bring things back to reality, you should visit the ‘Domesticated Plants’ area. Here you will learn more about horticulture and landscaping throughout the ages. Then pop into the ‘Challenge of Extremes’ where you will learn all about the impact that the climate has on plants and their ability to adapt. 

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