Le Puy du Fou 05.06.2016

Le Grand Parc © Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou brings the history of the region to life: chariot races in a near full-sized Roman amphitheatre, soldiers storming a castle, Vikings and gladiators.

Language is no barrier for British youngsters, who love the non-stop action from magicians to minstrels. This outstanding Puy du Fou theme park has been awarded an Oscar (the ‘Thea Classic’ award) in Los Angeles for ‘most beautiful park in the world’. Its Equestrian academy houses Europe’s largest stables for horses involved in entertainment (these ‘celebrities’ have VIP accommodation, of course!). The Academy showcases dressage performed by 160 horses trained in all disciplines. The spectacles involve jousting, musketeers and chariot racing. Man and horse work together to perform the most intricate of manoeuvres and displays.

Dogs are VIP guests at Puy du Fou, they benefit from a canine 'babysitting' service. The dogs are fed, exercised, have heated accommodation and are supervised by trained professionals catering to each dogs individual needs.

There are also hotels on site. Puy de Fou is not just for children (and dogs!) – it’s for everyone who is young at heart!

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